Project Description

CITIZEN Macchine Italia | fair layout and concept BIMU 2018

The goal of Studeo group was to visually represent the meeting between two work cultures, the Japanese and the Italian, which is first of all the fruit of the union of two complementary mental approaches. In a context such as that of precision mechanics, Studeo group wanted to use more conceptual narrative codes related to the so-called “technological humanism”: so as to create significant illustrations of the history of CITIZEN products, the enhancement of the physical presence of the lathes in the The stand is closely linked to the idealized creation of a Zen garden made with materials that are only of origin of the geographical area in which the client is based.

A space not only able to focus visitors’ access, but offering them both a clear visual identity linked to the customer’s value proposition, and moments of in-depth analysis through multimedia and interactive technologies

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