Project Description

Interactive Wall – Kone, Company Showroom

| Company showroom, Pero headquarter, Milan, 2019
in collaboration with Arved Sistemi Modulari

Studeo Group designed and accomplished an interactive multimedia wall for the showroom of the company Kone, in the Italian headquarter in Pero, Milan.
The 6,5 m base wall is entirely projected and interactive thanks to a laser sensor. With the use of dynamic animations related to the elevator world, every visitor can quickly and easily consult any content of Kone, from the history, to the company mission, to every single line of product. Each virtual layer corresponds to a topic in which is possible to browse many contents with catalogs, videos, pictures and deepenings. Every action is supported by sounds and images, and the environmental light changes depending on the visualized content.
An interactive game was also developed in order to raise awareness of the visitors about what do or do not do when using products such as lifts, escalators and automatic doors. For each product category there are 11 game cards to drag into the folders “do” and “don’t do”. A score updates the player in real time about the trend of his choices. Moreover, it is possible to play in multiplayer or team mode to determine how prepared you are on the safety matter.