Project Description

Experiential elevator prototype

| Interlift 2019, Augsburg fair, Germany | 2019
in collaboration with Banfi Consulting

During the 2019’s Interlift fair, in Augsburg, Germany, Studeo Group designed and created the multimedia contribution for the stand of the company Wittur.

The first installation consists in an experiential elevator prototype, developed in strict contact with Wittur technicians. The lift interior is covered by mirrors, on which is displayed an invitation to come in and embrace the experience. Throughout a touch monitor it’s possible to choose one of the six floors to start the experience. Then the elevator doors lock and the lights turn off, giving the start to an immersive experience that engages sight, hearing and smell. The visitor is projected in different wolds and atmospheres: in woods, restaurants, underwater scenarios and deep space. The video contents on the walls have a 6K resolution and wrap the spectator on three sides. For each experience was studied a different fragrance, activated through diffusers and handled by a suction system.

The second installation is made of a video wall placed in the center of the stand with an animation that introduce different product lines. Through the use of three sliding heads the exhibits, placed next to the screen, are enlightened through the use of shining animations synchronized to the video. The visitor, standing in front of the video wall, is guided by the presentation of the exhibited products.

The third installation includes a series of 6 motion graphic animations that clarify the 6 themed areas of the stand. Each animation is visualized on an 80’’ display, placed as totemic element in the center of each area of interest, used as guide and introduction to the exposed exhibits.